May 19, 2006

The Exams Before (7 week)Freedom

Yea, I registered to blogger! Now there's another junk polluting the internet trash =P

Anyway, a bit late here. Anyway today was 2nd paper for the final examination. System analysis & design(better known as "SAD" T^T ) was the name. I had a fever the day before. Mum and dad called and keep saying "Study for exams! Fenin(headache)? Eat panadol! No, no, you won't fell asleep. At least get some light reading. It's okay if you don't sleep at all. Just make sure you score.".

Getting A's are important to my parents. Not that it's bad, but I'm a bit anoyed of the constant reminding and nagging. Gosh, it just show they (probably)love me ^^;;

Ah well, for some reason my exam timetable sucks big time this year. While some complain that they don't have gap between paper, I'm complaining for having just too much... Next week I only have 1 paper o_O Also the reason I started blogging and doing other crappy stuff is because I'm having a 5-day gap now. Looking for a way to fill my time, currently lurking around the Firefox extension website. Man, I'm in love with Firefox all over again <3

p.s. Yes, this is my crappy 1st post. If you read my profile, maybe you'll know just how lazy and crappy I am.


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