May 20, 2006

Back to Basic

Okay, just what am I supposed to blog about? Maybe I should start by making a list. Here goes:-
  • My life - I spent more than 20 hours in my room. If I'm not playing games or surfing the net, I'm sleeping. Maybe I can blog about general stuff?
  • Anime - Well, I'm not a good reviewer, and staying in hostel means I'm pretty much left behind from the anime scene. SAD~~
  • Games - Nowadays I don't play much game, coz my pc can't handle most of the current game, nor do I own a console T__T
  • Other techie stuff - Again, my knowledge is pretty limited, and I don't own anything revolutionary either. And if I do brag about it, most people probably won't understand what I'm crapping about >_<;;
  • General stuff(current news etc) - Hmmm, I rarely watch TVs, read the newspaper or even visit news site. So thats out. -__-;;
Hmm, I don;t have much choices do I? I'm sure there are many other much more interesting blog than this. Maybe I should out a warning sign that say "|4/\/\3 alert!" ^^

Just posting this up to test out Performancing, another Firefox extension. Man, I'm addicted to extensions!


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