May 26, 2006

Are Humans Really Human?

I've just finish another paper today; 3 down, two more to go. Now, in my previous post, I mention about watching CSI: New York. It's somehow related to my friend's post, He Who Has No Heart. I won't mention much about it, but you should read it. Remember to read and share your opinion.

If you're a fan of CSI, you know the drill; mostly murder, and sometimes, the person who commit it is none other than the victim's close relatives. I'm mostly interested in the motive of the crime. Why did s/he do it? Let’s take s simple and short example from CSI: NY, season 2 episode 4.

Short summary; A man named Greg Thompson killed his own co-worker, Jerik Stamp (?) because of money and power. Before you say, "This is just a TV show," tell me, just how often do you see this happen in real life? Not to mention other situation with different motives.

Another summary (different episode): An old grandma lied to her brother to make him murder her husband (brother-in-law). (Crappy summary I know, but I don't remember)

Yes, CSI is a TV show, but what I find interesting is that how it almost replicate real life thoroughly. Humans get hurt easily. When the pain accumulates to a certain heights, they explode. The result varies, but often devastating. Sometimes, it's not about the pain, but desire, lust and envy.

I'm the one that should be promoted.
My son deserves to be chosen, not his.
I have no other choice; I'll lose his pension if I choose divorce.

They all come out with different reasons for committing such crime. Is this what being a human truly means? That we keep on hurting each other? Is this some kind of 'flaws' written in our genetic code or something? Does having flaw shows that we're human? Then, does that mean we hurt each other because we're just humans?

I'm feeling confused and sad at the same time. Flip through the newspaper, and you'll see news of a person's misdeeds taking center stage. I'm sure there are other smaller but still heart wrenching tale left untouched. But then, it just keeps repeating itself. Again the same news of a minor girl raped by her own close relatives. Again we hear innocents murdered by someone they are close with. Again humans continue to astonish me. But does it ever change? For the worst mostly. For the better? Rarely.

Histories are there for humans to learn and reflect back. To avoid from repeating the same mistake. Yet some of us never learn. As long as we have our way, why should we care? After all, we're just humans. We're not perfect. We make mistakes now and then.

I won't discuss more, since I'm so confused, not to mention a little bit disturb. I end my post with one of my favorite quote from CSI, which goes like this;

You might hate your life, but she loves her, and you took that away from her.


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