Dec 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Jingle bell. Image from stock.xchng

I don't celebrate it, but a shoutout for all those who do!

p.s. I've been so busy lately, things keep popping out o_O Must be because 2007 is coming...

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Dec 20, 2006

Back from somewhere

Was on hiatus for awhile because I went out to much and either forgot or was too tired to update my blog. Since I've forgotten most of stuff, I'll just summarize these few days events into a single post.

Photo from stock.xchng

First thing first; gathering! Yupyup, we've finally manage to drag most people out and join us for dinner at a small cafe. It's nice to keep in touch with friends that we don't meet often.

One friend commented that when we finally join the workforce, we won't have time to gather anymore, what with work and family commitment ;_; Thats why we should take every opportunity that comes our way and cherish the moment spent together.

Although my mom destroyed the mood by keep calling me to buy her KFC.

Oh yeah, Sam came with Lovable Lance. Some of us were curious about him, and started to bombard him with questions. Overall Lance is quite a nice dude. You're lucky Sam XD

Also pity the cafe. We're a troublesome and noisy group to handle.

Back at home the next day. My older brother just bought himself a new laptop, and task me to do his bidding o_O Need to install the OS, drivers and application programs on the new lappy. Of course I did most of the work. So my little brother and I played around with it, like taking pictures(lappy got camera) and writing silly readme.

Picture from stock.xchng

If giving life to a laptop isn't enough, I'm task to save the old family computer from virus. No computer connected to the internet is safe I tell you! Used some free antivirus and anti-spyware software. Well, it won't clean 100%, but it works. Brother promise to pay me with cold hard cash! XDXD

My latest attempt in being nice this year is to limit the use of pirated software.

(Which doesn't work actually)

It doesn't stop there. The next day went balik kampung. My mother's cousin's daughter is getting married. After that crash my aunty's house. Mum and dad was dead tired. After that visit another aunty's house who has yet again move into a new house. Her daughter(my cousin) just came back from London.

This means chocolates! And frankfurter! Auntie just love to spoil us with frankfurter every time we visit her! X9

For meat lovers only. Picture from stock.xchng

Aiiiee, I wanted to visit Comic Fiesta but it looks like I'll miss it yet again this year.

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Dec 13, 2006

Money Matters: Spending Habits?

Suitcase full of money. From stock.xchng

Is money important to you?

It is to me. With money, I can buy things that I want. Like comics and food. Because money is valuable and hard to come by, people need to learn how to mange their money properly.

Of course, Reiki still haven't learn her lesson till now.

You see, Reiki can sometime be careless. I'll either buy something very cheap but sucks later on or something darn expensive but only partly useful to me. I also have the habit of buying things on the spot, without doing much research on it beforehand.

I grief every time I find something better and cheaper available at another shop.

I bought a cheap bag to carry books and it didn't last for a year. Same thing happens to my dad and little brother. Apparently he broke his 3rd bicycle =_= Dad was kinda frustrated and opt to buy a more expensive bicycle for my brother, hoping that it will last this time.

Frankly, I think lil bro need to go on a diet first.

So if I want my purchase to last, I have to fork out more money or spend more time researching asking questions. But I'm a minimalist; I take anything cheap and simple. Having lots of functions is cool, but if it cost a bomb, then I rather take to strip-down version, thank you.

So now I'll have to learn to restrain myself from overspending. I've been thinking of getting a credit card and PayPal account so I can purchase stuff from Play-Asia. They give reasonable price you know ^^ But I shoot that dream down myself.

The bills are gonna kill me!

So I guess it's back to saving money then. I'll be able to afford better item that way ^^ Lets not forget about my aim to own a Nintendo Wii in 2 years time, lol!

Burger Ramly

Let's start with a cheap but tasty burger.

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Dec 12, 2006


Money makes the world go round.

Cold hard cash

I don't usually spend much money on normal days, but I've been spending a lot during exam week and semester break. I keep track of my spending(unless I forgot about it) and see which part hurts my wallet the most.

No guessing that food get 1st place.

But now there's a new contender; the electronics category. You see, I've been saving to upgrade/buy a new computer. Oh heck, I've been dreaming of owning a Nintendo Wii to boot.

Did you know that Reiki like to fantasize unrealistic things ALOT?

So what happened when a friend of my brought me along to the shopping mall? Why, start surveying any computer/game/electronic shop that you can find of course! God, I've been saving money bits by bits until now. My dad ask why I din't use the money.

Because it wasn't enough.

But that was the last straw. I've been stalking gaming forums since the Wii and Playstation 3 came out, and darn, I was tempted. I wanted to play all those new games. I wanted to own those consoles. I want it. I want it so bad. I couldn't stand it anymore.

I'm getting myself a Nintendo DS Lite.

Nintendo DS Lite

Too bad black color wasn't available. Not to mention the pouch and screen protector was expensive. But man, finally getting your hands on the NDSL? w00t!

Money CAN buy happiness, albeit it won't last long.

Now if only I can persuade my mom to let me borrow her credit card AND persuade my friends to donate to my gaming fix funds.

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Dec 8, 2006

Window Shopping

Followed my friend around KL. She wanted to go to Low Yat Plaza while I want to go to KLCC to pick some books. Apparently she lost her only thumbdrive/mp3-player, and wishes to buy one.

Which resulted her into becoming a few hundred poorer, as she claim.

But we didn't buy much. I bough my books at Kinokuniya. The clerk there really need to put more effort; He couldn't find the 3 mangas I booked and asked me to go to another counter. The girl at the other counter found the book at the first counter I visited. Make me wait for awhile.

Didn't do much shopping, but we ended eating instead ^^;; Darn, we're both glutinously! No wonder I'm getting fatter!

Bah, I didn't see any Nintendo Wii. I really want it...

Erm yeah, another useless post.

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Dec 7, 2006

Balik Kampung~

Right after coming back home for my sem break, mom and dad drag the whole family balik kampung, for my cousin's and late grandmother's kenduri(banquet). Oh darn, barely got enough sleep after all those mischief.

Well, nothing interesting happens. Just some chores and family gossips(which I didn't listen due to drowsiness). The only interesting parts is the hantaran.

Expensive flower

One of the most expensive flower, made entirely from RM notes

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Dec 2, 2006

A Series fo Unfortunate Events

Again, another semester end, and the lazy Reiki finally gets to go home...

But alas, fate always has something waiting for Reiki...

And so begins Reiki's Series of Unfortunate Events...

The last paper was on Friday. God knows how hard it was. Imagine your lecturer going around asking "Spot questions? Spot questions?" with a big smile on his face.

No sir, I don't think you look cute.

Finish exams when back to my room. Start packing at 2p.m. and finish on 4.30p.m. I didn't pack anything the day before because of exams. Didn't do too well, what with having a running nose non-stop -__-;; Also it rained. Thankfully I moved most of the stuff already.

With the dramatic changes of weather(and tremors), Reiki ends with a headaches.

Why does it always rains whenever I go back home? Dad won't let me drive coz its too dangerous. Can't see anything through the windshield @__@

Well, after the rain stops, the moon came(it was already 7p.m.) and all well...

Not! Just after passing the Sungai Buloh interchange, dad started to hear some rattling. Put my hand on the dashboard and the whole car was vibrating o_O!

Please, spare the engine!

After droving for a few more meters, suddenly some weird sound come out from behind. What the heck? Dad parked on the emergency lane and I jump off to check it out.

ZOMG, my first flat tire!!! o.O! (Stupid Reiki forgot to bring out the camera.)

*the conversation in this post was translated to English*

Reiki: Dad, we got a puncture.
R'sDad: Really? Are you sure it's a puncture?
Reiki: Yes, it a puncture.
R'sDad: How puncture?
Reiki: Erm, really flat?
R'sDad: OMG o_O

After confirming the flat tire, dad suggests we change the tire on our own. Had to move some stuff to reach the spare tire. Okay, got the tools out, now how to use it?

Reiki: *flips through the manual*
R'sDad: Give me the wrench.
R'sDad: *tries to unscrew those bolts on the rims*
R'sDad: Guh, who made it so tight?
R'sDad: *Starts using his feet and stands on the wench, pushing it down*
R'sDad: Still can't open it... Give me the manual
R'sDad: Oh, were suppose to jack it up first.

Well, after finally getting the jack in and and up(dad doesn't read the manual properly, like me), we tried to pry open the rims.

Still no luck.

After much effort, dad decided to call PLUS. Thankfully I still have their number, from the last 'Balik Kampung Hiccups'. Thankfully we were very near to Sg. Buloh, so the patrol car came to our rescue ^^ They help us take out the flat tire, put in the new one and put the flat tire back into the car. Good man.

Well we did most of the work anyway.

Spare tire in place.

Okay, finally back on the road. Less than 400 meter to the petrol station. Good, must check spare tire's pressure. So went to petrol station and check air pressure. Good. Okay, dad gets int the car and starts to drive.


Dad didn't saw the road divider(and I was busy chatting with him). Get out of the car, go to the front and...


ZOMG,the car's first accidents!!! o_O!

It's just one after another... Well, at least it didn't fell off so might as well continue back home. Dad was kinda frustrated since he was driving.

R'sDad: Now the car looks ugly...

Cut short, arrive back home. My maid accidentally close the gate when dad tried to reverse. But she manage the press the button again, so the car was sparred at the very last minute.

R'sDad: We were lucky we stopped near Sungai Buloh.
Reiki: What? If we're lucky than none of this will happen!
R'sDad: Well, at least we stop near Sg. Buloh, the bumper didn't fall off and the gate didn't hit the car's back.
Reiki: Well I'll still say that my life sucks.

Because it's the truth.

Reiki, after turning 20, gets hit by a series of unfortunate events.

What a nice belated birthday present. Sheeshs...

Nov 29, 2006

Gimme a Wii~

CookI want a Nintendo Wii...

If this game(watch the short movie) ever get translated into english, I am so gonna rob the nearest bank or atm...

Reiki will never be able to upgrade the pc nor own the next-gen console game.

Just another item that I'll never be able to afford.

Sad but true...

Wii shall conquer the world!!!

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Nov 27, 2006

Show some Manner Please!


Have you ever get pissed by some stranger because he jump/cut queues? How about some dude who talks loudly on his cellphone at public places. Or some lady who scowls at you for being polite or abiding the rules?

Of course, no matter what we hear from foreigner tourists about how polite, friendly and courteous Malaysian are, I seldom find these sort of people. Maybe you can only find polite people near tourist attraction. Or maybe I'm stuck in a place where no tourist will visit.

I like going to KL(Kuala Lumpur) using the public transport. I do dislike the STAR/PUTRA/Monorail though. The door open and close too fast. Because of that, people rushes to get in and out of the LRT(Light rail transit). Once, I wanted to get out of the LRT but couldn't because of the swarm of people rushing in. Let us get out first then you'll have more space!

But there was this uncle who was nice and stern ^^ He shouted saying let people out first and even resorted to block the others from entering. +50 marks uncle! -10 marks to some makcik who force herself in.

I'm sure people who visits KL more often then the washroom have more stories to tell. Lets look closer at my place now. I find people who hog the corridor impolite. They walk in a group, talking and taking all the width with them. When a person comes from the opposite direction, none of them would shift to the back or front and let the other person pass.

This happens to me a few times. I had to stop to tell them to move it. Some of them will throw weird looks at me. Please, sharing is caring.

It might not be a big deal. It started small and doesn't bother you so much. But after having it repeated again and again, you'll get sick of it. I sure did.

Now, time to go and study~

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Nov 23, 2006

Autumn Sleepiness

Stock image

Or is it winter already o_O? Staying in a country like Malaysia means no fall or winter, just summer all year around with the occasional thunderstorm.

I still have 2 more papers to go, but due to some unknown reason, I have a week gap before my next paper o_O

Eh, so what to do to fill in all those free time? Here is my list of things that I'll do when I'm too free;
  • Stay in the library. The only place that the merciless heat can't reach(except during blackouts). The air-conditioner is turned on full blast all the time. Not to mention the only place I can surf the internet without Mr. Company Violation ruining my fun. Also a nice and cozy place to fall asleep.
  • Do some cleaning. This can be the room, the trash, laundry, the computer, or sorting and deleting all the junks that i manage to accumulate inside the hard disk. The last one is the easiest to do.
  • Messing with the PC. It's always fun to try out new stuff. What better(and cheaper) way than trying out freewares? Just make sure the recovery disk is nearby.
  • Watch videos. Not many people share stuff that I'm interested in. I just manage to find some direct download, and have been going to the library everyday(since study week) to download it. Then go back to my room to watch it. Yes, the library is my second home~
  • Play games. Nothing beats playing games and let it sucks your life away over and over again~
  • Sleep. When all else fails, just crash onto the bed and shut your eyes. Hopefully you'll fall asleep soon after. And pray you WILL raise again >_<
Well, that wasn't enlightening at all. Maybe having too much free time freezes my brain altogether, since it doesn't know what to do XP

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Nov 18, 2006

Trying to Cheat

Quote from Wikipedia on cheating;

Cheating is defined as an act of deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one's own interest, and often at the expense of others. Cheating implies the breaking of rules. The term "cheating" is less applicable to the breaking of laws, as illegal activities are referred to by specific legal terminology such as fraud or corruption. Cheating is a primordial economic act: getting more for less, often used when referring to marital infidelity.


It's exam week, and it has been pretty tough. Most of us will spend most of our time forcing our brains to absorbs all those notes, formulas, algorithm etc as much and as fast as they can. But sometimes, when we can't do it and becomes depress and tries desperately to find an alternative. One of is is by cheating in exams and test.

(Un)Fortunately for Reiki, she seldom succeeds in cheating.

Yes, Reiki failed in cheating during test and exams. Some of the tactics that I tried was;

  • Sign language. I tried asking Q45's answer using hand gesture, and all my neighbor did was bop her head slightly, saying, "What?!"
  • Peeking at other candidate's paper. But my eyesight is so bad I can't even see the other's OMR answer sheet.
  • Asking for answer verbally. Sometimes my whispers are so soft my friend ignores me complety. Even if s/he heard and tried to help me, s/he have to repat the answer a few times, and I still couldn't get it till the invigilator comes around.
  • Listening to others. Sometimes other people cheats and share too. So I tried to follow them, but their whisper was inaudible.

  • Hidden notes/formulas. I tried writing some notes on my hand during primary school. I accidentally washed it with soaps during recess. I made another attempt in university, this time writing it on paper and hiding it. Only I forgot where I put it and couldn't find it till now.

Just a few attempts in trying to cheat. I know other people who successfully cheat. Oh heck, they were able to exchange answer booklet!

Dang, someone teach me how to cheat!

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Nov 15, 2006

Hoping Like a Kangaroos


Sennheiser MX400

*Ahem*Well lets talk about Kangaroos. I mention that I won't buy anymore stuff online. Well, I just receive my Sennheiser MX400 on Monday ^o^ I can just ask my dad to bank in the money than repay him later XD

Took quite a while for this item to arrive. Probably because I live in rural area(LOL!). Poslaju, Skynet and GDex comes here more often than Kangaroo courier.

Speaking of the item itself, I'm pretty impress with it. The music is much louder and has more bass in it. The earphones also feels lighter. Better than my Sony and cheapo Philips earphones. By the way, both the Senn and Sony earphones has similiar designs o_O.

Tokyopop is tasteless and offensive?

I can't remember what was Tokyopop's address so I Google it, and lo and behold, the Company Policy kicks in o_O It was just a Google search...

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Nov 14, 2006

Performancing 1.3.5 Released

Testing out the new version.

Hey, it works on Blogger BETA! Yaaayy~

Unfortunately, image uploads via API doesn't work. Or maybe Blogger doesn't have this service o_O?

Anyway, go and read the news.

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Nov 9, 2006

My 2006 Resolution

Alice-chan in a pinch

Just like Alice-chan from Aria, I didn't succeed in my resolution yesterday, or today for the matter.

I have exams next week. I'm supposed to study this week. But no, I haven't done a single reading. I've been told off by my friend and sis, yet here I am watching The Third- Aoi Hitomi no Shojo, amaze with Bogie's awesomeness. Oh man, a flying tank is so cool!

*Ahem!*Back to topic; I haven't succeed in most of my resolution. I postpone my work, did my project last minute, forgot to take out the trash and do the laundry, didn't do this, didn't do that... Well, it’s starting to bug me now. So I was wondering, what should I do so I may stay focus? How do you guys study during study week? What is your preparation for exams?

God knows that Reiki rarely study. Oh heck, go ask my fellow friends and colleagues. And they ask me how I study... Of course I don't. That's how I flunk my papers each time o_O

I'll try putting more effort, but even that will tire me easily. Maybe I should buy a power-bar for starters...

Nov 6, 2006

Sunday Dinner

Well, after some misadventure with forgotten quiz, test, assignment and meals, I am finally free from class, all thanks to study week

Aikido grading last Sunday. I had to attend a dinner the same day too. God I was so exhausted that dinner wasn't as interesting as a good night sleep.

But of course, Reiki still loves food, and everyone commented that I look 'berselera' eating (^^);; Our table was the most 'tak malu' one; We were the first to ask for seconds serving, we asked for more servings shortly after that, and even opt to 'steal' some foods from other table o_O!

I did took some pictures, but since there was not much lighting, the pictures turns out blurry and bad. Until I learn how to use Photoshop, you wouldn't get any from me XP

My eyes are tired from playing games too much...

Oct 30, 2006

Eid Mubarak 2006(Part 2)

Continuation from previous post, I manage to held a small open house for my friend. Well, a little tired now so I'll just post dome pictures. Maybe I should start a photoblog XP But nah, I'm not qualified enough, ngeh.

Nasi himpit, rendang and kuah kacang
Nasi himpit, rendang & kuah kacang

Reiki raya open house
Everyone is oblivious of the green liquid o_O

Oct 28, 2006

Eid Mubarak 2006(Part 1)

I'm suddenly back at Perak o_O Time flies so fast, or I don't get enough vacation days...

Selamat hari Raya Aidilfitri
Happy Eid Mubarak to all fellow muslims!

As I have mention in my previous post, I had to help my mom baked some cookies. This process was repeated till Aidilfitri starts >_<

It all started when dad ask mom to bake some Kueh Bahulu. We haven't made any since I left high school, so mom had a hard time trying to get the mixture right. The first batch was a failure, so my mom adds more flour. That made the second batch too hard. So on to the third batch, that was left unattended for a while (we were making murukku at the same time) and got burned. In the end, we made some more batches until late night (we started in the morning).

My main job was to sit at the mixer and control the machine's speed. The poor thing was worked to the limits and actually screams in pain when it was running too long. Oh, we only let it rest for 2 minutes when the machine scream.

Baking plain old vanilla cake in the rice cooker
Baking plain old vanilla cake in the rice cooker~

The next day we have to baked more cakes and cook rendang. Why oh why did mom decide to bake 3 kueh lapis(layer cake) o_O?!?! Anyway, my mom was already feeling exhausted (she already baked other cookies before I came back) and told me to take care of the rendang for the time being. Poor mom, she always goes over her limits to do things. Like making too many biscuit for Raya >_< It’s hard enough to make it, who’s gonna finish all those cookies??

The layer cake mixture before being colored
Gonna color it in red, green and yellow~

Preparation to make the kueh lapis started in the morning, but we finish baking those cakes 3a.m. the next day o_O!!! ZOMG, my maid was lying on the floor, sleeping, while me and my mom was just besides her, sitting near the oven.

Painful layer cake
Stayed till 3a.m. to make this one...

Really mom, next time, just make the steamed layer cake. It's the most delicious one X9 (not to mention the least troublesome to make).

Oct 21, 2006

Raya Prologue: A Little Teaser

Finally got back home. This is what I, my mom and the maid did the night before;

Hidden Mickey
I see a hidden Mickey!

Gold nugget found!
Gold nugget found!

Really mom, maybe we should just sell all those cookies by the roadside...

Oct 19, 2006

Short-term Freedom

Yea~ I finally manage to hand in my project today! Of course being Reiki means that many obstacles blocking my path to my ultimate goal.

See that girl? She's rushing to hand in her report, just like me ^_^

Had to actually stay up till 5a.m. to finish part of the documentation. Skipped 2 class because I couldn't wake up, and because I haven't done any revision for my 2 test today... Gah!!! o_O!

Thank goodness 2 afternoon classes were canceled, so I can finish the documentation and print it out. Since me and a friend was so excited about the coming holiday, we took some picture, for memories. It's not like we're graduating any soon, and the weather was really bad too. It rained when I wanted to go out and buy some food to buka puasa >.>

Sitting in front of the library
Waiting for the bus to go home?

I'm getting really excited coz I'm going back home tomorrow XDXD The festive season is nearing, and I'll get my chance fasting together with my family. Can bug my parents to buys food for buka later on, kekekek.

Happy holiday everyone!

Oct 18, 2006

Lucky? Who Knows

Oh dang, I manage to slept through today lectures without getting caught. Amazing eh? But my lecturer wants to have another replacement class yet again. Dang, I need to finish my project before tomorrow. I also have 2 tests tomorrow. *faints*

Ah well, at least something good happen this week. Apparently I got picked for a lucky draw and won myself a hamper. Yay~ In all my lifetime, I think this is the first time I manage to won a hamper, *sniff!*

Of course, it wasn't all fine and dandy. I receive the message stating I won the gift at around 12 o'clock. They asked me to come and picked it up before 2p.m. >.> Do you know how hot the weather was o_O?! Also, during the simple photo-shoot session, they committee member keep passing the camera because they want to get into the picture too, lol.

Of course, my Aikido senpai saw me walking out of the hall carrying the hamper, and threaten me to share the stuff with the other members tomorrow. Wuwu, woe is me...

Do you think I'm lucky or just plain sucky?

For all I know, I'm sleepy and going to sleep now.


Oct 16, 2006

Hazzy Days

Aside from Malaysia getting harass by the haze yet again, I find my mind clouded by mist, despair and blurr-ness @_@

Old campus parking area

Ehh, its pretty hazy here too. Last year my throat got infected when the poisonous cloud hit the local shore. Also, some of the pictures I took aren’t so nice, since you can't see the sun. So now I'm hoping for the rain to come. Then it'll wash away the haze AND my motivation to go to class. Ahhh, sleeping in bed when it's raining outside... Such bliss...

Why despair? Well, it's the week to hand in the project report. I manage to hand in 1 report today in the nick of time. Since the university has decided to use their budget to build more road bumper, I decided to take my time and walk all the way to the campus and hand in the report. Then it's another walk to class. I only attend 1 class today, and came 1hour late. Kekekek...

Ehh, I'm becoming more blur nowadays, and I haven't touched any instant noodle these few weeks o_O! Maybe it's all those Mirinda and 100plus that I've been drinking, lol. Anyway, I forgot where I park the car for the 3rd time >.> I forgot how much I spend at the grocery shop, and I forgot where my class is held. Also my hearing ability is going bad. I don't understand what my friends says most of the time, and I can't see the projector during lecture @__@

Think it's time to change my glasses B-)

Ahh, waiting patiently for vacation to come. But I'll only stay at home for 1 week or less. Bummer. Must make a to-do list later. Hopefully I won't forget about it >_<

Oct 13, 2006

Fall Sleepyness

Well of course I know there’s no fall season in Malaysia, but it's so cold today that I spend most of my time sleeping blissfully~

Then I had to attend some adjunct lecture. Darn...

Even cats gets brain freeze, I think...

Things have slowed down these few days. Waiting for Aidilfitri to come. Hoping to get my hands on new anime, mangas and such. With all the hectic schedule, sometime I wonder if I will ever grew up and be more mature, like real working adult.

I say working since I want to earn money as soon as possible. I read through others people blogs, mostly those that are already working. It's nice reading their writing, learning what they do in their daily life. Ahhh, I'm fantasizing again...

Well, random post till the rain stops. I'm feeling sleepy already, *yawn*

Oct 4, 2006

Too much, and It Ain't About Food

Gah! I'm running out of time! This Friday I'll need to hand in a report. Next week theres 2 report that needs to be submitted. And then I realize I still haven't email my lecturer the programming assignment since last Monday @__@

So hectic. I envy people who took 4 subject for each sem, unlike me, 6. But then, I have longer sem-break(after final exam), which is probably 6 or 7 weeks. So yeah, you win some you lose some.

But I still prefer my lecturer to have mercy on us...

*sigh* I can't find the time to blog anymore. Maybe when It's near Aidilfirti, but then, test are coming during that week...

ZOMG, I don't even have time to lookup wikipedia and insert some links, demmit!

Sep 28, 2006

Finally, It Start Again

Just when you think it's over, something else pops-out of nowhere...

Yeaa~ I finally replaced my faulty case fan, now my hardisk won't fried again ^^

Last week, my group manage to send in our porject report just in time. Now we have to come out with the actual working program and present it to my lecturer @_@ I also have another, say, 5 more projects and assignment that needs to be done. :dies:

Ah well, since I was free yesterday, I went and took some pictures. Here's for you guys who can't come to Tronoh here with me.
Hostel block
To the cafe

A friend of mine celebrated her boyfriend's birthday today. Thankfully she gave me this last piece. Yummy!
Icecream cake!

On another note, how's everyone during the fasting season? It's easier for me to feel cold nowadays, but I will do my best! Ganbatte~!

Sep 23, 2006

Ramadhan is Coming~

Somebody is leaving...

Happy fasting everyone!!!

Sep 18, 2006

It's Hot in Here

Bah! Back to college I go. It was so short that I didn't do anything meaningful during break o_O But it seems that problems were just starting to appear...

My LCD monitor broke down while I was doing some work o_O Imagine my horror when suddenly the screen went totally blank. After several failed attempt to revive the monitor, I went and search my mom's old LCD monitor. Only, I couldn't find it.

No choice, I went and took my backup fat CRT monitor that was connected to the family computer. So that computer can't be used anymore since it has no display.

Turn out that someone borrowed mom's monitor and forgot to give it back >.> So I switch my CRT with my brother's LCD for awhile. I'll have 2 tolerate with the small screen for now ;__;

If that wasn't enough, my case fan failed for I don't know how long. Probably when I was still at home. It didn't gave any problems since my room was air-conned, but here at my hostel room, I almost fried my hard disk o_O Because of that, I can't use the pc for too long, or it'll get fried again. Now I have to go and buy a new fan for it.

I want to upgrade my computer, but I don't have any money. Woe is me...

Sep 11, 2006

Vacations Means More Projects?!

Aisey, I remembered that I have more than 3 projects that needs be done while I'm on mid-semester break.

Has everyone gone crazy?!

As usual, I'm still having problem trying to get the modem away from my brother. Somehow, he sounds like those lawyers that are very smart at twisting facts. So smart that you found out that your house has switch title a little too late.

Mom took us out for another treat. But before that, stop by KLCC to pick up some books, which is Ouran High School Host Club vol. 7 and Magical & Miracle vol. 2. Dang, I wished Satoshi appears in the anime. Then we can see Chika-chan cry more. Kawaii~

Watermelon advertisment
Watermelon advertisment

Okay, back to the food. Mom wanted to go to Eastin hotel again, but they were fully booked. So we went to Hilton PJ instead. The ambience and environment was really nice. Too day the food variety was too little. Eastin had more food X9 And we sat there for just awhile, since my little bro has tuition afterward.

Salty Chicken Rice
Salty chicken rice

I find that Hilton cafe's food is just plain SALTY! ZOMG, try putting a tiny drop of kicap (soy sauce) onto your chicken rice. Woah, no wonder they didn't include the soup. The rice is a bit wet anyway. The whole dish was nice, but still, too salty. Blood pressure rising up.

Vanilla ice-cream
Vanilla ice-cream

Of course, ice-cream is compulsory X9 But then, someone left the ice-cream box wide open, and the ice-cream melted ;__; Thank goodness it still taste nice&sweet X9

Just another 4 or 5 days here. I need to finish my assignment soon. So lazy...

Sep 10, 2006

Suddenly Back Home

Yes! I'm finally back home! I had 6 test in just 5 days o_O All my lecturers have the same reason; "It's easier for me to mark your paper during mid-sem break" @__@

Chinese Fried Rice
Consuming food can relieve stress X9

I would have post some update, if it wasn’t for 1) So many test that I spend time studying or sleeping to relief stress or 2) darn internet service down AND blackout o_O ZOMG, the light went off yesterday, when I was about to enjoy my (short-lived)freedom. My last test ended at 7p.m. on Friday -__-

Ah well, nothing new or exciting. I'm quite shocked that my brother is still at home. Noooooo, my broadband privileges.... Thankfully, dad wanted to us the power outlet his computer was using, so I took the opportunity to take the modem, kukuku...

Also, why does it always rain whenever it's time for me to go back to my hometown o_O Sheesh...

By the way, the picture above showed what i had for lunch 2 days ago; Nasi Goreng Cina ^o^

Sep 1, 2006

Random Thought: Chapter 3

Been trying to login into my email and Blogger. The internet being a major pain-in-the-neck for 3 days straight.

A little late but who cares; MERDEKA! to all my fellow Malaysian ^__^ Just 1 more week and midsem break will arrive~ Looking forward to going back home~

But before that I need to take midsem test first. Darn, spoil my fun only...

Chicken chop
Dang, this chicken chop is shiny. Very tempting :drools:

I'm still in post-Convofair fever. So my food intake seems to be higher than usual these days o_O My diet includes instant noodle/ramen and a bit of western food, like chicken chop X9 Although I have been cutting down on rice, I tend to grab more meat, like sausages X9 I'm gaining weight again...

In a week, I need to attend 5 labs. The good thing about having labs every day is that I get the chance to download stuff. The bad thing is that I have assignment due next week, every week -__-;;

Pointless rambling while my brain is recovering from consuming to much instant noodle. I blame the cafeteria for pricing the food too expansive, kekek...

Aug 27, 2006

End of Convofair 2006

Is what I should say, but I only went in the morning, overslept later and totally miss the Polis Diraja Malaysia K9 Show, demmit!

I'm gonna put more pictures than usually, so please wait patiently for your browser to load them ^^

Ah yes, the martial arts demonstration. I was hoping we won't do it, since Sensei wants us to roll around on the grass. My hair... My uniform... *sniff!* We were to stay in our designated area, but I went and invade the others, bumping into them. Not to mention I forgot to do 1 techniques o_O!

Am I glad it didn't last for 30 minutes -__-;; Unfortunately, I miss the free lunch. Nuuuuuuuu....

So I spend the morning make my last shopping rounds. Bought another kerepek, more drinks, and ayam golek X9 And darn, I didn't saw the smoothies stall before. The vanilla smoothies was nice and cheaper than the Coffee Bean one (^o^) . There are other events, like the Autoshow, K9 Demonstration, and Closing Ceremony. But I already went there for three days now, and my body decided to shut down from the afternoon till the evening -__-;;

Walk around and took some pictures. Darn, the resolution was set to large. I took less than a 100 pictures, and when I download to my computer, it almost took 200mb worth of space o_O .

Getting bored already? So go ahead and look at the pictures, taken with my sad photography skill and using my sad photoshopping skill -__-;;

Couple posing.

Committe at work?

Now serving smiles for free

Coloring contest

Taekwan-do demonstration

A&W food stall

My all time favorite snack

Tauke Kedai PC

With you, Palestine

Family at the field

Autoshow Pictures
Cute tiger plushieHello Kitty Pink CarHello Kitty Pink CarNice blue Hawaii-style carNice blue Hawaii-style carBring your nighmare along before xmas