Jun 25, 2010

Nuke It


Yeah, the blog kinda went dead that I manage to forget the password =_=

Anyway, planning to nuke all the post (course backup first-lah!) soon. I'll see you soon!

Best regard,

Oct 7, 2009

Jom Potong!

No, not P1 Jom Potong promotion, but feel free to join it if you want. Just remember to come back to me with reviews and feedbacks ^_^

Anyway, just got myself a Bluetooth headset, spefically Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970. The manuals always tell you to recharge the item 8 hours for first time use. That's my minimum sleeping hour. So I could only play around with it the next day...

I paired the headset with my phone and netbook, which was pretty easy. Sadly I can't get the display to work properly. I can't find anyone selling Nokia bluetooth, so I just bought the not-the-cheapest-but-was-still-cheaper-than-the-other-high-end-headset.

Now my netbook is connected to the internet through my phone, with my headset connected to both to stream music and receive calls(not that I get any anyway. That's why my phone bill is pitiful). No more messy wires!

Ah, but now I have 3 items that I need to remember to recharge periodically...

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Sep 25, 2009


Now here's something that Amazon need to fix.

Amazon estimate

Sure, I know estimates are estimates at best, but really, how can they deliver my item before it is even shipped?

Sep 7, 2009

Life Ain't So Bad Afterall

Now playing; Fallout 3 on the PC. Faster than an Xbox360.

Hello everyone. It's been awhile. How's life treating you? Doing great during Ramadhan? I get exhausted easily, but overall I enjoy the fasting session XD

Sila tunggu

Anyway, since I can't blog during office hour (:block:), I channel those spare energy (of whatever left of it) to Twitter instead. It's so much easier to check on my friend's tweets, and whenever there's something that interest me, I just search the Twitter universe to check on other people's tweets.

So please check my Twitter profile too XD

Anyway, I'm taking the LRT during fasting month. Reason because I get home faster like this. Actually I already prepared a bottle of mineral water and a box of dates in case I need to buka puasa at the office, but thankfully it hasn't come to that.


It's actually not as bad as normal days since a lot of people exits the train after a few stations cause they want to go shopping.

My chances of getting a seats are higher this time!

So hopefully I am able to perform my fasting without a hitch this year. No one likes troubles kocking on their door, me included.

Aug 27, 2009

Lite and Not-So-Tasty

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa semua!

Anyway, night is the only time I can snack on food, so decided to cook Maggi Mee Tasty Lite.

Mi Maggi

You know, there's a reason for that name. The most important thing is that the taste is lite; the normal Maggi Mee are much nicer. But you know, it's not that healthy if you keep on consuming it.

Which bring in another matter; The packaging says 'No MSG added'. Makes you wonder why it's not 'MSG Free'.

Maybe because it still contain food additives o_O

Adding additive into oil may make a car engine running much smoother or whatever, but still, note to self, Maggi Mee should  notbe consume regularly. It should be rarely.

Like that will work. My mom who used to scare her children that we go bald if we eat instant noodle is now addicted to it.

Conclusion; Fikirlah sendiri! *goes back to sleep*